Nu Rho Psi


Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society for Neuroscience. Founded in 2006, Nu Rho Psi aims to provide neuroscience students with career and service opportunities, and recognition. Please contact Dr. Beth Wee at with any questions.

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Nu Rho Psi Induction Ceremony for 2020 and 2021 inductees


2021 Student Inductees

Rachel Aber

Richard Aufderheide

Erin Bender

Taylor Bond

Aisling Bryne

Dylan Castor

Shelby Disorbo

Rebecca Douglas

Anna Ebacher

Mariza Francis

Jason Lynn-Framm

Vidhatri Raturi

Hannah Rosen

Julianna Siegrist

Alina Tiemroth

Catharina Westergaard

Max Zolberg

2020 Student Inductees

Aaron Albock

Sarah Aleman

Anya Beletsky

Haley Cox

Joshua Diener

Umberto Donato

Timothy Gressett

Alexander Ledet

Lauren (Yowelunh) Mclester-Davis

Ryan Mitchell

Conner Nyborg

James Rogers

Tal Sherman

Marcella Stanley

Ellen Terry

Matthew Watson

Selby White

Austin Woosley

Nu Rho Psi Induction Ceremony 2018

2018 Nu Rho Psi Induction Ceremony. New members are inducted with Dr. Wee, Dr. Hebert, and Dr. Daniels

Nu Rho Psi Induction Ceremony 2016

Nu Rho Psi 2016 Induction Ceremony

Dr. Tasker helps induct new members at the 2016 ceremony

Past Induction Ceremonies

Dr. Wee welcoming new members

New members celebrating their induction

Dr. Hebert and two new inductees enjoying the ceremony

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